LED Ardito

LED Ardito

Description: Downlights designed to illuminate commercial spaces (supermarkets, department stores, retail, etc.), offices and any environment where general and accent lighting is required.
Installation: recessed in plasterboard false ceilings (complete with fixing brackets).
Body: sheet steel, painted with thermosetting polyester powder.
Fixing brackets: steel.
Optic: semi-concentrating 60 °, fixed optic.
Color temperature: 3000K - 4000K.
Driver: multi-power included ENEC17 with dip switch selection to choose the output voltage. Power factor ≥0.95.
Compliant with standard: EN60598-1, RG0 no photobiological risk for the purposes of standard EN62471.
Led: SAMSUNG maintenance of the luminous flux minimum at 80%: 50.000h (L80B10).


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Doha, Qatar

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