Description: Collection of products for outdoor use, for wall instal- lation with LED light source
Dissipating aluminum body with diffuser in transpar- ent polycarbonate.
The Crema d'Orcia and Basaltina stone finishes are made by fastening high-strength, high-resistance ad- hesive to a stone plate created by means of mechani- cal machining from a solid block.
The concrete finishing is made by fastening a poured cement plate reinforced with fiberglass using a single component high strength, high-resistance adhesive. The Primer version is painted after installation with normal water-based colors (tempera, stucco, water- based paints) to ensure maximum uniformity with the architecture.
The aluminum versions are finished with a high-re- sistance coating: after a sandblasting treatment of all components to make the surface porous and ensure a greater adhesion of the paint, the external coating is applied with a double layer with epoxy powders according to the QUALICOAT standard. The first layer of epoxy powder gives chemical and mechani- cal resistance, the second finishing layer of polyester powder ensures resistance to UV rays and atmos- pheric agents.
The painted surfaces are treated with alkaline and acidic washes, then rinsed with demineralized water, subjected to a chemical conversion treatment to protect against oxidation.
Upon commercial and technical evaluation, it is possi- ble to create customized versions with other materials on request.
We recommend using a connection system with a de- gree of protection greater than or equal to the degree of protection of the luminaire.
During the installation and the maintenance of the fix- tures it is important to be careful and avoid damages on the paint coating.
Damages on the coating exposed to outdoor condi- tions or water, could cause corrosion.
Chemical substances affect the anticorrosion cove- ring protection.
For LED fixtures, there is evidence that most of the damages are connected to electrical effects related to the insulations, which cause destructive electrical discharges
These effects are frequently caused by:
• over voltage coming from the mains’ network where fixture is connected.
• electrostatic discharge (ESD) coming from the environment.
The use of a protective device against the overvol- tage on the electrical installation is warmly suggest this helps to reduce the intensity of some of these phenomenon and prevent irreversible damages. The selection of the type of device to be used must be adjust on the electrical plant. 24V remote power supply to be ordered separately. Includes power cable of 100 mm. The power supply can be installed remotely (installation box not required) or housed at the back of the luminaire in the optional installation box.



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