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Design: Mario Alessiani


From the ingenuity of Axolight and the creativity of the designer Mario Alessiani, Float was born, a multifunctional and portable lamp, usable both outdoors and indoors, designed for different uses: table, floor, suspension, wall.

Float is inspired by the shape of the children’s floats and gives the opportunity to reinterpret that shape in various lamp options using different bases.

Ideal for domestic environments – from the living room to the garden – and for the world of catering, both for its exceptionally functional versatility and because the lamp body can be recharged without the use of bases or support cables, thus allowing simultaneous recharging more lamps in confined spaces. The lamp body, made of aluminum, can be freely placed on any bottle (from small to magnum), thanks to a central hole closed in the upper end.For the table and floor versions, steel pedestals are also provided, 36 cm and 120 cm, while for the ceiling and wall versions there are special cablesIt is equipped with a soft touch system for switching on and adjusting the luminous flux and has a battery that can be used for about 9 hours, rechargeable via a USB cable and replaceable at the end of the cycle.The degree of protection against dust and water is an IP 55, which makes the lamp ideal also for outdoor environments.

Available in 5 colors: white, black, blue, cement, mauve powder


Float is a product entirely made in Italy


“With Float, Axolight and I, we focused on style and rationality to achieve the arduous task of building a functional emotion. We built our “float” which – like that of children in the water – fulfills the function of keeping small boats afloat, also giving happy emotions. We wanted everything and we did it “- Mario Alessiani, Float designer