Jackie IoT C07701.000.0413

Jackie IoT C07701.000.0413

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Design: Enzo Panzeri 2017


The Jackie IoT version, besides Touch DIM regulation, integrates a stand-alone dimming version using the Panzeri’s app for smartphone and tablet. Thanks to the sensor and the integrated module Bluetooth are available functions as programming ON-OFF cycle, presence/brightness/temperature and humidity detection. The sensor ensures accurate measurements in any environment. Moreover, these technological integrations allow Jackie IoT to interact and become the focus of the Otomo® system: a building automation system created to ensure maximum energy savings in executive offices. Each Jackie IoT unit works as a wireless repeater, creating a mesh network and ensuring the automatic regulation and control (lighting, temperature, blinds) for various environments.

Born from the search for innovative systems for comfort management and energy saving in offices, OTOMO is a Building Automation system that interacts with Jackie IoT via bluetooth and allows the detection of presence, programming on/off cycle, brightness, temperature and humidity measurments in any environment. By downloading “OTOMO APP” you can view data and set the desired brightness parameters, as well as manage other smart devices detected in the mesh network. Jackie IoT is available in table version with standard base, clamp or fixing pin
to the surface; wall version with bracket and floor versions. White, black, red, titanium and mat brass finishes are available.