Laser Cube 10x10 LED 036029

Laser Cube 10x10 LED 036029

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Design: Studio Italia Design, 2004–2015


Laser is a compact, versatile light fixture in the shape of a box with an attractive architectural look. The LED source emits a practical two–directional beam of light from the painted steel structure which is available in two sizes and three different finishes. It creates a striking impact with plays of light and shadow on the wall. 

A simple geometric shape which makes a bold statement in areas where light is the protagonist. Available in two sizes, 10 × 10 cm and 10 × 6 cm, it has a painted metal structure available in three different finishes: matte white, matte black and coppery bronze. The inner body of the light fixture is triangular which allows the beams of light to be diffused both upwards and downwards.

Laser is mounted flush to wall and emits warm or cold light. The light fixture is fitted with a 17w LED in the 10 × 10 size. The colour rendering index (CRI) of 92 offers true colour reproduction. The aluminium heatsink inside the light fixture optimises the performance of the LED. Thanks to its compact size and high performance light, Laser blends seamlessly into a wide variety of spaces. It is handy as a beside light or in a corridor whereas in the living room, it becomes a mini sculpture that brings the walls to life.