Ofelia LD0470B3

Ofelia LD0470B3

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Ofelia pro is a battery-operated portable and rechargeable table lamp. It is equipped with: contact charging base, dimmer touch control and dimmer memory function which adjusts the light intensity and memorises the dimmer steps. Consequently, every time it is switched on, the light intensity will correspond to that previously set. The lamp is equipped also with a light colour temperature selection function, 2700 or 3000K (dynamic white).

Contact charging base - included.

- Multi-contact charging base (max 6 pc) - LD0870RP - Multi-socket USB charger (8xUSB) - LD0340RA
- Replacement battery pack BAT04703706701900

LD0870B3 white

LD0870G3 sage green

LD0870S3 sand