A–Tube Nano Duo

A–Tube Nano Duo

Design: Studio Italia Design, 2017 Description: Precious rods suspended from a thin cable, like magic lights floating in the space. A–Tube Nano Duo is an offshoot of A–Tube Nano with a LED light source on both ends of its thin metal body. A lightweight and linear lamp available in six finishes, using which suggestive and playful cluster compositions can be created. A–Tube Nano Duo is a lightweight and slim suspension lamp, a byproduct of the A–Tube Nano, which interprets the versatile and playful nature of this family of lamps. The ends of the linear aluminium structure, with a diameter of 2 cm, are defined by two small diffusers in transparent methacrylate. Both house a LED module, whose light creates truly evocative atmospheres.
Suspended as if balanced on the power cord, A–Tube Nano Duo appears to float in the space, mindless of the force of gravity. Its essential form, 50 cm long, lends itself to enchanting compositions thanks to its six finishes, either polished (chrome, rose gold and gold) or matte (white, black and champagne).
At each end, a 1w LED source with colour rendering index (CRI) of 90, offers warm and diffused light that highlights the natural colour of objects. Used singularly, A–Tube Nano Duo enhances the space, creating an exclusive and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for a reading and relaxation corner. In the compositions with canopy, clusters can be created to suit a variety of spaces, combining the creativity and magic of its surprising effects.



Dubai, United Arab Emirates

P.O.Box 60244 

Doha, Qatar

P.O.Box 96069 


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