Design: Simone Micheli Description: The new adjustable lamp by Axolight, suitable for ceiling and wall. Compact and performing, DoDot is made out of two small hemispheres that can be oriented by +/- 46 ° and is characterized by technical excellence in terms of power and light quality
The luminous flux is around 2 thousand lumens and is dimmable. The light beam, emitted by the 17.6 W LED source, can be oriented by an aluminum reflector (for an opening angle of 15 °) or by a glass lens (for an opening angle of 48 °) depending on the needs of the end customer.
Available in 5 colors: white, black, blue, cement, mauve powder.
DoDot is a product entirely made in Italy.
“Dodot is an iconic light form created to be seen in architecture for its color yet disappear for its geometry.
A perfect harmony of form and function that really shines in the world of design for its lighting performance and incredible adjustability.”
_ Simone Micheli, designer of DoDot



Dubai, United Arab Emirates

P.O.Box 60244 

Doha, Qatar

P.O.Box 96069 


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