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Design: Philippe Nigro

“Philippe Nigro's work is interesting. It's up to you to decide what kind of lightyou need, depending on your mood. The shutter allows you to see or to see yoursel, without being seen.

PHILIPPE NIGRO is a designer of objects, furniture, lamps, spaces and scenographies. He lives between Milan and Paris, collaborating with international craftsmen and publishers.

"My creations represent objects that are above all functional, but also mysterious.They generate questions. Sometimes with a touch of irony.”

Like a powder caseor a precious box, the mechanical action of opening or closing makes the object reassuring and immediately understandable.
The light is diffused by a thick glass pane, throughout its depth.
Inside, the polished brass flap acts as a pivoting mirror thanks to a visible hinge.

The light can be switched on and dimmed, to give time to accept onself.

The light is manually adjustable, not with a dimmer but with a shutter that is opened or closed according to the desired light intensity.

Each light has its own unique fingerprint.

Originally designed for the bathroom, POUDRIER can also be used in a hallway or entrance.


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