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Design: Timo Ripatti

Description: Essential graphic design and intense light. U-light expresses power and luminous efficiency emphasizing the aesthetic essence in a harmonious union that creates a strong presence in the space.

Acoustic version: A combination of geometric forms creates a minimalist design. The distinctive trait of U-light is the ring-shaped structure, in which, in one of the two pendant versions, the iconic arc is inserted. Thanks to its important, but at the same time light, volume, U-light can fill the space in a dynamic way, but without burdening it. Minimal design, lighting intensity and visual comfort make U-light a lamp that can ornament different architectural styles, from domestic to contract. Through the installation of an acoustic panel, U-light acoustic has also an Equivalent Sound Absorbing Area up to 3.11, that allows it to reduce the noise as far as 49%. U-light was awarded the “NYCxDESIGN Award 2016”, in the category Lighting, by Interior Design magazine and ICFF.


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