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Design: Kateřina Handlová
The beam inside BOMMA’s Flare lights its magical spiral structure inside the crystal rod.

This new collection pays homage to traditional glassmaking techniques and allows architects and designers to create distinctive lighting installations for diverse spaces.
“The Flare luminaire is inspired by the phenomenon of light itself, craft and traditional glassmaking techniques, as well as the need to create a luminaire that offers a wide variety of compositions and space solutions. It is based on the form and character of the flare, creating lines of light and glimpses in space.”
The Flare collection includes crystal glass rods in three shapes, one perfectly straight and two bent in varying degrees. They can be infinitely combined to create custom installations.

The light and its construction are very minimalist in appearance. However, they include sophisticated mountings with the latest COB light source.

The crystal rods are manually pulled, so each piece is original with a unique swirl of light spiraling through its interior. This effect is achieved using a traditional glassmaking technique, where the molten-glass core is covered by small glass shards known as sinter, then dipped back in molten crystal. The glassmakers then pull the piece to a desired length, stretching the fragments across the interior of the glass rod.

This creates a magical texture inside the rod, seemingly its own Universe, flaring every time a switch is flipped


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